About us

The world creates stories that touch the heart and tease the mind. We focus on challenging our minds and trusting our hearts in our creations, so that there is verifiable truth in our reality. We know what it takes to make the story happen. And we start with the truth.


From Latin, meaning «The Truth»

Adverum started in 2004, in Europe, in the Baltic States. Our devotion to professionalism, to our clients, and to doing the job right has earned the trust of our customers, from small startups to large, international corporations.

2017 is a new chapter: Adverum Communications Middle East brings this devotion, our European approach, to the region.

Awards Category Year
PaRa / Impact Awards Winners in Social Media category 2016
Sabre Awards EMEA Shortlisted in institutional image category 2016
PaRa / Impact Awards Winners in Marketing communication category 2017
European Excellence Awards Winners in Baltic countries category 2014

Our Affiliates

We represent one of the largest networks of independent Public Relations agencies, PRGN (Public Relations Global Network) in the Baltic states. With close to 50 public relations firms employing 800 communications professionals on six continents and a combined income of more than $US110 million, PRGN is among the world’s top four independent PR networks.


Adverum Communications Middle
East L.L.C.

Akvile Vzezniauskaite
Creative Team Leader
Agne Sy
Interactive and PR Accounts Manager
Augustina Trijonyte
Social Media accounts manager
Ernesta Karaliene
PR Accounts Manager
Sandra Meskauskaite
Executive Director, Europe team
Ieva Naujalyte
Managing Director


Adverum Europe

Sandra Meskauskaite
Executive Director, Lithuania
Daina Andrikiene
Partner, Lithuania
Akvile Vžesniauskaitė
Creative Team Leader
Agne Syvokaite
Interactve Account Manager
Augustina Trijonyte
Social Media Account Executive
Agne Adomaityte
PR Account Manager
Auste Parulyte
PR Account Executive
Ernesta Karaliene
PR Account Manager
Monika Pivoraite
PR Account Manager

Clients list

15 years of experience 150 clients experience